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Arbrecadabra is run by me (Nicholas de Sylva), and has been a constant evolution since I first picked up branches  to run through a chipper  for a tree care company based in the UK. Over the years  I have developed my skills and pride myself on honest and reliable work. I enjoy tree climbing and I thrive on the complex tree dismantling which crop up from time to time.
This does not mean that I do not give as much attention to the other aspects of my business in which I take just as much pride. All my work is carried out to the NPTC standards set in the UK, which means that above all, it is safe for me, my colleagues and the surrounding area. Arbrecadabra covers most elements of the timber industry and if there is something we cannot do we will know someone who can. We work closely with local landowners to ensure we get a good supply of timber for our ever growing customer base. We carry out tree felling and aim to put the entire felled tree to good use. We sawmill the stems that are too good for firewood and we chip the branches that would otherwise have gone to waste. This can be done as easily for the removal of a single tree as it can  for the management of woodland.
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