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Nicolas de Sylva

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All tree work is done to NPTC Standards, Fully Insured & Registered.

There are various elements of tree work which may be needed in order to promote the health & lifespan of the tree. The aim is always to preserve the tree where possible but in some cases, due to previous work gone wrong or other natural forces, the tree may become dangerous. I will advise of this when it is necessary. All my final pruning cuts are carried out to industry standards. This should ensure that although the tree shows pruning scars, because of the methods I employ, these will have the best chances of healing. This therefore limits the chances of problems with scars which have failed to heal & have caused the internal fibres to rot by allowing water to make its way in and heighten the possibility of infection.

Whether you have the odd branch that needs pruned back, need the full dismantle or the felling of a dangerous tree, the safety and precision I give my work will always be the same. The site will be left clean and tidy and  branches can be chipped into a neat pile should the job require.

I am always happy when carrying out tree work and I certainly feel that it is what I was meant to do. Please view the pictures from some of the sites I`ve worked on and read over the testimonials that accompany them. If you need to discuss any of the work I carry out please don’t hesitate to contact me.
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