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Nick and his partner in climb, Darren took on a challenge all others had chosen to shy away from and demonstrated, with ease, their great professional skills by taking down our six 37 metres high Italian Poplars. It was awe-inspiring watching them climb and dismantle the countless branches of each tree, dropping them safely with pinpoint accuracy by a procedure of selecting each branch to be either a 'lower'- eased down on a rope, or a 'faller'- carefully aimed freefall. There was no margin for error, as the trees ran almost alongside the road, and had to be directed to fall into the garden.

As they climbed, sawed and lowered, groundsman, Nigel was busy tidying up on the ground and feeding the thinner branches into the chipper for compacted disposal.

Seeing is believing, if you have trees to fell Nick is your man.

John Dunkerley

Loire Wine Breaks
I needed 6 trees taking down and the branches removed. Arbrecadabra did this to a very high standard.

The lads, lead by Nick, worked hard, and more importantly in total safety, to finish the job in challenging weather. The team is highly trained and highly skilled and approach the job in a proactive manner which pre-empts any problems. The trees were near power and phone cables and buildings and had to be removed very accurately. The safety of the area and their own safety were very obvious in their meticulous approach to the job. All the wood was cut to my specification and neatly stacked for future burning.

They have a cheerful and friendly attitude and even take a short lunch break! They so impressed my French neighbour that she got them to quote for one of her trees and gave them the contract. Again it was in a similarly dangerous position near cables and buildings. All was done to her satisfaction.

Here in France we often become involved with so called expert artisans and are left disappointed with the results. It is refreshing to find an enterprise like Arbrecadabra where the opposite is true.

I do not hesitate to recommend Arbrecadabra as tree surgeons.

Charlie Dalgleish

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